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My Latest News… The Fairy Tale Project’s Coloring & Activity Book is now Available.

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“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” ~Malala Yousafzai

Children’s Books


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The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy ~ 10th Anniversary Edition (2020)

The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy includes the following books…

  • Will and the Magical Forest
  • Will and the River of Enchantment
  • Will and the Crystal Fairy

Follow Will, a city boy, on a magical adventure that begins when he visits his Grandpa Otus in the small country town of Astrophyllite. The two of them travel together through a magic forest where they meet some delightful and some downright frightening creatures that teach them patience, to take time and enjoy life, and also give them the opportunity to face their fears, something they discover they are capable of through the power of love.

After journeying through one realm after another in this mystical world, they make their way back home with a renewed appreciation for life, and for Grandpa Otus, an understanding of the need to honor his inner child and give him the attention he deserves… which in turn, makes for a stronger, happier adult.

The Fairy Tale Project is based on a series of children’s books written by author Dani Lynn and beautifully illustrated by award winning artist Jacklyn Laflamme. It began in March 2010 with a grant from the Art and Cultural Division of Broward County, Florida allowing the duo to share a vision to inspire and encourage young children to discover their own unique talents through story time readings and art and literature workshops throughout south Florida.

All 3 books from the series are also available individually on Amazon.

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The Fairy Tale Project’s Coloring & Activity Book

A companion book to the F.T.P. series. Available on Amazon.

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Nancy the Christmas Fairy

This is a tale written with and illustrated by Dani’s granddaughters (at ages 7 & 9)The book is in memory of their maternal grandmother Nancy Bruneau. Follow Jingle the Christmas Elf and Holley the Reindeer on their journey to save Christmas. 

Despite all attempts by the Ice Fairy to stop Christmas, Jingle, along with Yak-Yak the snow bunny, makes his way to help Santa Claus at the North Pole with help from various fairies they encounter along with way. There’s Cora the Winter Fairy (the girls maternal great-grandmother), Mina the Snow Fairy (paternal grandmother Dani Lynn) and Nancy the Christmas Fairy (maternal grandmother). And of course Mrs. Bettie Claus (paternal great-grandmother).

You’re invited to enjoy a very special Christmastime fairy tale. Although written for their loved ones, the story is universal. It is a fairy tale that all children and their families and friends can enjoy during the holiday season.

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Coming Soon… Bed Time Stories for Young Children

… including the following short stories and poems…

  • Jalina and Her Quest Quilt
  • Castles on the Rainbow Cloud
  • I Can Go Anywhere
  • Kamenoko and His Magic Tiki-Ton Shell
  • I Am Me
(C)Dani Lynn. All rights reserved.

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Browse Through Our Book Collection on Amazon.

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~ The Fairy Tale Project Press ~

~Dr. Timothy Leistner, Adjunct Professor, FL Atlantic University

“The Fairy Tale Project combines fantasy images with the written word. The visual language conveyed through artist Jacklyn Laflamme’s jewel colored illustrations takes the viewer into the pages of an imaginative journey. Folklore and fantasy should be part of every child’s picture book collection.”  April 2010

~Pamela Duque, Miami Herald

“A children’s book author and an artist join forces to help children read, combining arts and crafts with literacy. The duo will also offer book reading workshops to schools and organizations…  ‘We want to teach them how to bring their stories to life and encourage them to use their imagination,’ said Laflamme.”  April 2010

~Shannon Frezza, Curator, Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum, Tequesta, FL

“I am just in love with them. The color is so vibrant and some are actually sparkly. They are so eye-catching and happy.”  April 2011

~Scott Fishman, Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

“The worlds of written and visual expression came together during the recent Festival of the Arts at Young At Art Museum in Davie. This included a session with Dani Lynn and Jacklyn Laflamme, creators of The Fairy Tale Project. The duo hosted a story time with mascot Ladle the Leap Frog. A workshop followed where children made their own books to take home to inspire them to write their own fairy tale stories.  April 2013

~For more from the following sources, please visit The Fairy Tale Project.

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New Age Books

New Age Books

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Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides & Teachers

An Animal Spirit Guide Handbook

Animals have long been a part of our culture and they inspire us in many ways. This has been evident in our art and in our storytelling dating back to prehistoric times. Archeologists have found evidence of this in the form of cave paintings dating back to primitive cultures in prehistory. Mythological stories still live on today. We can even look at children’s fairy tales in our own time. Animal Spirits can help you understand the challenges in your life and learn from them. This will enable you to begin the process of healing and bring about spiritual growth.

  • Meet your Animal Spirit Guides and Teachers
  • Distinguish between Guides and Messengers
  • Learn to Interpret Signs and Messages
  • Communicate with your Animal Guides
  • Discover the Significance of Environments
  • Directions, Numbers, Chakras, Colors
  • Meditate with your Animal Spirit Guides
  • Find your Journey Guide (Power/Totem Animal)
  • Special Insights from author Dani Lynn
  • Plus 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
  • Over 110 Animals including Birds, Mammals, Reptiles and More!

~      ~      ~

(C)Dani Lynn 2021

Introducing Journal Notebooks

Animal Spirit Guide Series

  • SOFTCOVER Pocket Journal Notebook
  • 8 x 5 INCHES
  • Matte Finish
  • 124 Double Sided White Pages including…
  • 110 Lined Pages for Journaling Thoughts, Ideas, Goals, etc.
  • 19-20 Lines Per Page
  • 5 Blank Pages to Express Yourself through Ideas, Drawings, Quotes, etc.
  • 5 Pages for Affirmations
  • Makes a Great Gift
  • Includes a quote from Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides & Teachers; An Animal Spirit Guide Handbook by Dani Lynn, for the notebooks Animal Cover Image indicating the Energy and/or Message from that particular animal

~      ~      ~

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Ancient Knowledge for a Modern Day Spiritual Journey

Shamanism, Spirituality and the Sacred Soul

To walk in harmony, to show honor and respect to all living things, to know our self and recognize our oneness with All that is, to live in love – not in fear, all of this honors the God of our heart… and is the shaman’s path. The most common image that comes to mind when speaking of a shaman is that of a native healer or spiritual leader. Although that would still be so in many places around the world, there are now what are considered modern day shamans. They may be spiritual or community leaders, but they are also teachers, business people, students and homemakers. As we choose to face our challenges such as stress, depression, low self-esteem, issues of the heart and those of our ever present inner child, we move closer to our core and ever closer to healing. It is there, at the center of self that we find God, by any name, God in us experiencing this life. There is the realization of oneness, strength, balance, and we walk in harmony… body, mind and soul.

  • What is the Spiritual Evolution of our Sacred Soul?
  • What can we learn while in the Dreamtime?
  • How does Synchronicity and Destiny play a role?

Walk the Path of your Inner Shaman in Ancient Knowledge for a Modern Day Spiritual Journey; Shamanism, Spirituality and the Sacred Soul

  • Experience a Shamanic Journey 
  • Communicate with Animal Guides
  • Learn to Recall your Dreams
  • Explore Dream Shifting
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Crystal, Color and Sound Healing
  • Create your own Medicine Wheel
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About the author:  Dani Lynn…

writes both New Age and Children’s books, most of which are currently available on Amazon.

Born and raised in south Florida, she worked for years as a wildlife rehabilitator in Fort Lauderdale with dozens of species native to the area such as owls, hawks, sea birds, mammals, reptiles and more. Dani also worked with exotic and domestic animals. She had the opportunity to work in various areas of rehabilitation including a wildlife nursery, hospital, and outdoor habitats in which animals were prepared for release.

Upon becoming the director of the Volunteer Services Department at a local non-profit SPCA wildlife facility, Dani designed educational programs for volunteers to participate in that included wildlife rescues, waterway cleanups, exploration of the Everglades, and hands on training in animal care, often with local high school students.

Along with fellow staff members and volunteers, Dani received training in beached dolphin rescue and oil spill rescue and rehabilitation. She also participated in the creation and implementation of educational programs sponsored by the wildlife center for other educators in the field on the subject of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and also the dangerous effects of the Exotic Pet Trade Industry.

She has also been a certified Reiki Master Teacher since 2001, incorporating both meditation and mindfulness. Her life experiences are reflected throughout her writing.

“The work that I did to help rehabilitate injured wildlife in south Florida was one of my most rewarding experiences. I’m grateful to have had such a unique opportunity.” ~Dani Lynn

Dani co-created The Fairy Tale Project, along with artist/illustrator Jacklyn Laflamme, with the goal of inspiring children through art and literature. From 2010 – 2013, they shared stories and artwork from their children’s book series in workshops and storybook readings at schools, museums, galleries, parks and libraries throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties in south Florida. The unique combination of a fairy tale told with words and art made The Fairy Tale Project come alive and was very well received by children and adults alike.

In 2020, Dani moved to the Appalachian Region of Tennessee where she continues to write, inspired by the wildlife in the beautiful mountains and valleys surrounding her home.

Browse Through Our Book Collection on Amazon to “Look Inside” and Order Yours Today.