Ancient Knowledge

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Ancient Knowledge for a Modern Day Spiritual Journey

Shamanism, Spirituality and the Sacred Soul

To walk in harmony, to show honor and respect to all living things, to know our self and recognize our oneness with All that is, to live in love–not in fear, all of this honors the God of our heart… and is the shaman’s path. The most common image that comes to mind when speaking of a shaman is that of a native healer or spiritual leader. Although that would still be so in many places around the world, there are now what are considered modern day shamans. They may be spiritual or community leaders, but they are also teachers, business people, students and homemakers. As we choose to face our challenges such as stress, depression, low self-esteem, issues of the heart and those of our ever present inner child, we move closer to our core and ever closer to healing. It is there, at the center of self that we find God, by any name, God in us experiencing this life. There is the realization of oneness, strength, balance, and we walk in harmony… body, mind and soul.

  • What is the Spiritual Evolution of our Sacred Soul?
  • What can we learn while in the Dreamtime?
  • How does Synchronicity and Destiny play a role?

Walk the Path of your Inner Shaman in Ancient Knowledge for a Modern Day Spiritual Journey; Shamanism, Spirituality and the Sacred Soul

  • Experience a Shamanic Journey 
  • Communicate with Animal Guides
  • Learn to Recall your Dreams
  • Explore Dream Shifting
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Crystal, Color and Sound Healing
  • Create your own Medicine Wheel

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