“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” ~Malala Yousafzai

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The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy ~ 10th Anniversary Edition (2020)

The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy includes the following books…

  • Will and the Magical Forest
  • Will and the River of Enchantment
  • Will and the Crystal Fairy

Follow Will, a city boy, on a magical adventure that begins when he visits his Grandpa Otus in the small country town of Astrophyllite. The two of them travel together through a magic forest where they meet some delightful and some downright frightening creatures that teach them patience, to take time and enjoy life, and also give them the opportunity to face their fears, something they discover they are capable of through the power of love.

After journeying through one realm after another in this mystical world, they make their way back home with a renewed appreciation for life, and for Grandpa Otus, an understanding of the need to honor his inner child and give him the attention he deserves… which in turn, makes for a stronger, happier adult.

The Fairy Tale Project is based on a series of children’s books written by author Dani Lynn and beautifully illustrated by award winning artist Jacklyn Laflamme. It began in March 2010 with a grant from the Art and Cultural Division of Broward County, Florida allowing the duo to share a vision to inspire and encourage young children to discover their own unique talents through story time readings and art and literature workshops throughout south Florida.

All 3 books from the series are also available individually on Amazon.

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The Fairy Tale Project’s Coloring & Activity Book

A companion book to the F.T.P. series. Available on Amazon.

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Nancy the Christmas Fairy

This is a tale written with and illustrated by Dani’s granddaughters (at ages 7 & 9)The book is in memory of their maternal grandmother Nancy Bruneau. Follow Jingle the Christmas Elf and Holley the Reindeer on their journey to save Christmas. 

Despite all attempts by the Ice Fairy to stop Christmas, Jingle, along with Yak-Yak the snow bunny, makes his way to help Santa Claus at the North Pole with help from various fairies they encounter along with way. There’s Cora the Winter Fairy (the girls maternal great-grandmother), Mina the Snow Fairy (paternal grandmother Dani Lynn) and Nancy the Christmas Fairy (maternal grandmother). And of course Mrs. Bettie Claus (paternal great-grandmother).

You’re invited to enjoy a very special Christmastime fairy tale. Although written for their loved ones, the story is universal. It is a fairy tale that all children and their families and friends can enjoy during the holiday season.

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Coming Soon… Bed Time Stories for Young Children

… including the following short stories and poems…

  • Jalina and Her Quest Quilt
  • Castles on the Rainbow Cloud
  • I Can Go Anywhere
  • Kamenoko and His Magic Tiki-Ton Shell
  • I Am Me
(C)Dani Lynn. All rights reserved.

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