Children’s Books

The Fairy Tale Project Series

  • Will and the Magical Forest
  • Will and the River of Enchantment
  • Will and the Crystal Fairy
  • The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy ~ 10th Anniversary Edition (2020)
  • The Fairy Tale Project Coloring & Activity Book

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Nancy - AD 350

Nancy the Christmas Fairy

  • Written with and illustrated by Dani’s granddaughters (at ages 7 & 9) in memory of their maternal grandmother Nancy Bruneau. 

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Bed Time Stories cover

Bed Time Stories for Young Children

  • Jalina and Her Quest Quilt
  • Castles on the Rainbow Cloud
  • I Can Go Anywhere (poem)
  • Kamenoko and His Magic Tiki-Ton Shell
  • I Am Me (poem)

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