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I offer private workshops in my home for Level I and II Reiki Practitioner and Level III Master certification. I’m not far from Johnson City, Tennessee in one of the surrounding rural areas. Cows from a neighboring farm, occasional tractors passing by, and a mountain ridge towering above provide the backdrop to my half acre, along with a small creek that is usually active during the winter and springtime. 

Originally from south Florida, I moved to Tennessee’s “Ridge and Valley Appalachia” region in 2020, just west of the Blue Ridge and the Cherokee National Forest. There are a number of activities in the area that you can experience during your visit, such as hiking, canoeing, boating, photography and shopping in Tennessee’s oldest city… Jonesborough.

I’ve been a certified Reiki Master Teacher since 2001, incorporating both meditation and mindfulness into my workshops, and it is important to me that students learn to integrate Reiki into their daily lives once the workshop is over. My Reiki lineage (through my teachers mastership line) is as follows: Myrna Farbiash, Dr. Arthur Robertson, Iris Ishikuro, Madame Hawaya Takata, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Dr. Mikao Usui. 

If you’ve viewed many internet sites on the subject, you have probably seen the term “traditional” Reiki teacher. What I’ve learned from my research and experience over these many years, is that what is traditional about Reiki, is change. Almost every teacher adds a little something to the classes they offer, and at times leave a bit of what they’ve learned behind. This seems to be the norm, as we all end up sharing a bit of ourselves with students. (Changes have been made since the beginning, and this is documented in books written about the original teachers and changes they themselves made, and books written by present day teachers about their new methods.) Things that are considered part of the core teaching, including symbols, hand positions and even attunements, change. There are teachers who firmly believe in strict methods, and some students are comfortable with that, finding it helpful. That’s not how I teach. Dr. Usui himself is believed to have said that rules are meant to guide us, but once we’ve learned, they’re no longer necessary. I believe that one way in which we grow is by experimenting and experiencing. And through it all, Reiki will flow.

More of us than ever before are searching for ways to reduce stress and improve our health. This may mean incorporating things like meditation or yoga into our daily routine, and it may also mean weeding out such things as caffeine or nicotine. We begin to look for balance, a healthy balance in which we can find happiness and harmony with ourselves and with others. This can be quite challenging if we are used to a fast paced, hectic lifestyle. Many of us, in order to find that healthy balance, realize it’s not just a matter of healing our physical body, but healing our emotional and spiritual self as well. Integrative/ complementary/ alternative treatments, some of which are spiritual in nature, offer that balance, not only to heal but to prevent illness. Reiki is safe and beneficial as an integrative treatment/ therapy and it is offered in a growing number of hospitals. There are even insurance companies now that cover some integrative treatments including acupuncture, massage, chiropractic services and naturopathy.

Science has been steadily moving towards an understanding of the link between our mind and our body. There have been numerous studies over the past couple decades citing the connection between the power of thought or prayer and such things as stress, ulcers, pain, our immune system and more. A well-known example of this connection would be the placebo effect which has been used for millennia. For example, patients given sugar pills can do as well as those given medicine when they believe they are receiving actual medicine. When patients truly expect to get well, they often do. It can also be as simple as waking up in the morning and putting a smile on our face and stating that we’re going to have a great day. It sets the tone, as does waking up in a bad mood and expecting a rotten day. All aspects of our life go hand in hand; our state of mind, our emotions, our lifestyle all affect us. Being upset, worried or angry can cause a number of physical reactions such as tension, headaches, a rise in blood pressure, and digestive issues just to name a few. Negative words, attitudes and even thoughts can have an effect not necessarily on those to whom we express them, but on ourselves.

Reiki is the spiritually guided life force energy that comprises everything in the universe. It is the divine nature of our sacred self.

  • Spiritual: connected with the human spirit rather than the physical.
  • Divine: to perceive intuitively.
  • Sacred: entitled to reverence, respect.

What Reiki is not, is a religion. In Japanese, rei means spirit and ki means energy. When physicists break down the tiniest forms of matter, the result is energy. It is what our living earth and all of its inhabitants are made of; it is what we are made of. When we experience happiness and inner peace, our very being expresses (vibrates) gratitude, joy and love. The spiritually guided life force energy of this universe is love, nonjudgmental, unconditional love… for love is not just something to be given or received. When we recognize our oneness with All, we see that we simply are love.

Reiki, spiritually guided life force energy, is in every breath we take and every thought we think. It is the divine nature of our sacred self. The practice of living with a conscious awareness of this energy is not for everyone, but for those who have a desire to reach inside themselves, to feed their soul, the results are tangible. Reiki is something that each of us has the ability to experience if we but open our hearts and minds to the energy of this universe; if we but open our hearts and minds to unconditional love.


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