Reiki Attunements

What are Attunements? 


Attunements are given to students in the process of becoming Reiki practitioners. It is an ancient technique for directing universal energy into the chakras and raising the vibration of the student. Participating in the ritual reflects the student’s intent to become a conscious channel for Reiki energy.

A Reiki master performs the ritual attunement, however, the master serves as a channel for universal energy, which comes from the collective consciousness of All that is. Personal energy (positive or negative) will not be transferred to or from the recipient.

Once you are attuned to Reiki, you will be a humble channel for healing energy, not a healer. When you offer to share Reiki energy with someone, remember that they will make the choice to accept the energy or not, whether consciously or subconsciously. Their thoughts (positive or negative), their beliefs, their challenges, insecurities, fears and perceived limitations will in large part, dictate that choice… as will the strength of their hopes and desires. We each walk our own path in this life, and we must accept the choice of others, even if it does not bring about our own desired outcome for them.

Reiki is sacred, as is the attunement process. Symbols and yantras are used by the Reiki master to allow for tuning of the chakras, an increase in frequency, and a heightened connection to one’s source. For three to six weeks after the attunement, the body will harmonize itself as its vibration is raised, and the clarity of one’s connection with the Higher Self can be increased.

You need only receive the attunements for each Reiki level once in your lifetime. The ability to consciously channel Reiki energy will stay with you. It is a divine gift.