Reiki Workshops

Private Reiki Workshops


Enjoy private instruction with Reiki Master Teacher Dani Lynn in her home surrounded by a beautiful Appalachian farming community in northeast Tennessee.

These private workshops are for yourself, or for example, a small group of friends, family or co-workers.

Workshops are currently for Women Only. (I hope to expand in the future.)

  • Minimum age is 25
  • Maximum 4 students
  • Level I is $175 per person
  • Level II is $200 per person
  • These in person workshops are 6 to 8 hours long
    • Length of workshop depends on the number of students
    • Start times can be flexible depending on the time of year
      • A winter workshop would start early since the days are shorter
  • Master Level III is $500 per person
    • Includes 4 to 6 weeks of lessons via e-mail
    • Includes one full day in person workshop

Workshops will be available in the coming months.

More info coming soon on how to sign up through “Airbnb Experiences!”

And while you’re in town for a Reiki workshop, why not explore what else Tennessee and the surrounding area has to offer? There are a number of activities in the area that you can experience during your visit, such as hiking, canoeing, boating, photography and shopping in Tennessee’s oldest city… Jonesborough.

** Header images in the Reiki section of this website are views of neighboring properties and of my own. The exception is on the “Explore Tennessee” page which was taken in the Blue Ridge Mountains.